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Be a part of the inspiration



We need volunteers for our two events that are produced each year. Those events include weeks worth of prep and volunteers are needed for prepping not only from wrapping raffle prizes but packaging free kid gifts.


Make in-kind donation

We are huge supporters of in-kind donations. Why ask for money when someone has the skills, talents and abilities to help make our mission possible. Businesses are a vital part of allowing us to produce free community events thanks to their in-kind donations.


Provide a monetary donation

Sometimes money is needed. An example is for our admin cost each year that is luckily only about $500 when we add up the cost of website hosting, media room with press releases, annual filing report, and our registrar agent cost. Plus each event still has cost associated with marketing, advertising, and small incidentals. 


In Person

If you live near Odessa, FL or near the Tampa Airport, we can arrange a meet-up. Checks can be written out to Birthday Fundraiser Inc.


Odessa, FL 33556


Thanks to PayPal for accepting us as a verified nonprofit, there are ZERO transaction fees for online donations.

Over the Phone

You can call us but texting is best.  


By Email

We check our email hourly if not what feels like every other second sometimes.

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